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How to Live as a Digital Nomad

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If you're considering transitioning to the digital nomad lifestyle, you aren't alone. According to Tech Monitor, the rise in remote work is inspiring many people to take their laptops on the road. It's not surprising when you consider the benefits. Digital nomads have fantastic flexibility in terms of where, when, and how they work, allowing them to discover the world with ease. That said, a successful transition to this way of life requires some preparation.

The below guide provides a primer to the lifestyle.

Decide what style of digital nomadism is right for you

Contrary to popular belief, not all digital nomads are the same. Things Nomads Do identifies three main styles. The casual globetrotter tends to stay put for three to six months at a time. Meanwhile, the occasional traveler has a home base that they consistently travel from for long periods. Finally, there's the flexible ex-pat, who stays in new locations for a year or more. Consider whether you need the "home base" or are comfortable going completely rogue.

Determine how you'll make a living

Digital nomads also differ in how they fund their adventures. As Sparrow Flies explains that some work as freelancers, some are employed remotely, and some are entrepreneurs. If you go the entrepreneurship route, set up your business before you start traveling. Hire a freelance web designer to create your website and a social media manager to boost your digital profile, and get a graphic designer to create a logo.

It is crucial for your success as a digital nomad that you have tools that work well where you decide to settle (even if it is only temporary). For example, make sure you have reliable internet service in your area so you can stay connected whether working or playing.

Figure out the basics like billing, banking, and health insurance

However, you decide to earn your money, track your billable time accurately and efficiently. Look for a service like Quickbooks that offers a mobile app and includes bells and whistles like scheduling and will sync with your other accounting software. And make sure you can access that hard-earned income wherever you go in the world. Explore top banks for people on the move, like Charles Schwab Bank, Monese, and N26.

You also want to ensure you have health care coverage wherever you are and that you can pay for medical treatment as needed. Out of Your Comfort Zone offers a summary of health insurance options for digital nomads, including Cigna and IMG.

Look for accommodation that allows for remote work

With the logistical details out of the way, you can start scouting out your first travel target as a digital nomad. When looking for accommodation, you have many options, from traditional hotels to Airbnb rentals. Note there are platforms where you can find cheap places to stay, including Agoda and CouchSurfing. Make sure wherever you go has the capacity to accommodate your work. For example, you'll likely need good WiFi.

Simplify your nomadic life by cutting costs

As a digital nomad, you want to be budget-conscious. This can be tough when you're traveling and tempted to try new sights, activities, and foods constantly! Check into pro tips on saving while you're on the road. For example, you can also cut corners by house-sitting or pet-sitting in exchange for free accommodation. It’s also helpful to hit local grocery stores now and then and do a little cooking instead of eating out all the time.

Life as a digital nomad is exciting, with something new to experience every day. Follow the above tips to start your life away from the typical 9-to-5 grind.

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