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Parenting Tips to Help Kids Finish Homework Every Night

Homework is hard. For parents helping their children through school, it may seem that homework has gotten even harder than it once was, and with children bringing home stacks of paper and hours of work to do each night. This means that homework is not just something you can tell your kids to "finish" as a single worksheet. It becomes an evening family activity and one that both parents and children struggle with. Fortunately, there are more than a few painless parenting tips to make doing homework an easier time for everyone.

If you're looking for ways to help your children get through their evening mountain of worksheets and assignments, Single Mother Solutions invites you to read on to learn more.

The Positive Homework Routine

It all starts with a positive routine. Old-school parenting suggests that saying, "Finish your homework," should be enough or sending a child to their room to finish should be enough, but not today. The current workload given to children nowadays makes it necessary to build up a positive family routine.

Try sitting down together in the evenings, after dinner, to tackle the stack. Maybe your child knows it all and finishes with a little positive encouragement, and maybe the two of you puzzle over the book for answers together, but whatever is the case, Santa Fe New Mexican recommends ensuring homework is a positive bonding experience instead of akin to chores or punishment. It may help your children feel less frustrated and you as well.

Use a tablet and educational apps

A long time ago, homework could be completed with just a pencil, a notebook, and maybe a ruler. Today, there is much more to learn, and far more advanced tools are needed. One of the most versatile homework tools you can bring to the routine is a tablet. It functions as a flat, powerful, and versatile computer capable of virtually any homework task.

Your child can look up facts using graphing apps to map things out; keep their division columns straight and seek out extra practice on subjects they may be struggling with. Consider also investing in a pair of over-ear headphones for your child can use to help eliminate distractions and more easily focus on the task at hand.

With the right tools for the job, you and your youngster will be ready to find resources for even the toughest subjects.

Tackle Tough Subjects with Online Resources

When your child struggles with a subject, it can be hard for parents because school has changed so much since you were there. There are tons of educational apps and online videos that can help your children learn based on different learning styles. There are animated infographics for visual learners; mini-lectures for audio-learners; educational games for tactile and interactive learners. Think about activities that your child gravitates toward, and you’ll know what type of resources to seek out.

Build a Motivation and Reward Structure

As Book Widgets explains, it's important to build a system of motivation and reward to get through those tough homework stacks. Make it a routine that your child gets, for instance, one 15-minute webisode for every subject of homework completed or an hour of gameplay before bedtime if they make it through without getting fussy. Games and videos can be very motivating for children and helpful in fighting off the homework blues.

For long homework sessions, you can even break up the stress with a quick webisode, or timeout for a jigsaw puzzle for every hour you work together through the homework stack. This will help keep your interactions light and help your kiddo feel eager to finish instead of fighting over what feels impossible.

If you've been struggling to help your child finish their homework or even convince them to get started, consider what tools your kid has available. Find ways to make the process more enjoyable, and don’t plan on endless marathon work sessions. You and your child will look forward to homework sessions more, with the right strategies in place.

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